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Safeguarding Democracy: Tackling AI-Generated Deepfakes in Elections

Kaja Ciglic Opinions

This contribution discusses the challenges posed by AI-generated deepfakes in elections and the efforts being made to combat them, in particular the need for collective action and collaboration among governments, civil society, and industry to safeguard democracy in the face of rapidly advancing technology. 2024 is an extraordinary year for both democracy and technology. More countries and people will participate …

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Governance of Disruptive Technologies for International Peace and Security: Maturing Yet Nascent Military AI-cyber Policy Has Far to Go

Caitriona Heinl Commentary

There is not yet a comprehensive understanding of the future implications of Emerging and Disruptive Technologies (EDTs) like AI in civilian, military and intelligence applications. The precise nature of opportunities and risks relating to EDTs continues to be unpacked, and relevant national and international policies for international peace and security are still maturing. Like the first cyber strategies introduced globally …

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The Geopolitics of the Internet of Things

Madeline Carr Opinions

The EU’s data and AI strategies assume that increasing trust will increase data generation, bolstering the Union’s competitiveness in the AI field. But an inherent conflict exists between the goals of data-driven innovation and data protection. Like any significant technological shift, the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) raises many issues of geopolitical and strategic significance. These issues reflect …

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No Safety Without Cybersecure AI

Sven Herpig Opinions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most promising emerging technologies that exist today, and its applications will be widely implemented in the years to come. This isn’t only true for sectors like autonomous driving or surveillance but also for the military and judiciary – all areas where security is paramount. It’s imperative that we start considering the cybersecurity dimensions …