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Cyber Issues to Watch in 2023

Editors Opinions

While key developments such as the conclusion of the Ad Hoc Committee on cybercrime are expected to take place in 2023, other trends are likely to emerge in the debates around cyber issues in the coming months. Four of our Directions Blog contributing editors explain which global and regional trends – namely in Africa, the Indo-Pacific, and Latin America – …

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Estado del arte de la protección de datos en Argentina

Daniel Monastersky Opinions

La ley 25.326 con más de 20 años de vigencia, convirtió a Argentina en un país pionero en la región en la protección de  datos personales. Tras un largo camino recorrido en virtud del desarrollo progresivo de la temática, de los nuevos estándares establecidos por las comunidades de países y a la luz de los desafíos que se presentan en …

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Unpacking Brazil’s Cyber Diplomacy

Louise Marie Hurel Commentary

Brazil’s diplomacy has historically been one of soft power and brokering discussions. In Internet governance, the country has been internationally recognised for to its multi-stakeholder governance model and for advocating for privacy in the digital age. As cyber threats become a national security concern and a key part of the political agenda in the run-up to 2022 presidential elections, the …

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Elaborating International Law for Cyberspace

Duncan B. Hollis Commentary

The European Union has called for all states to publicise their views on how international law applies to cyberspace. To date, primarily European states have shared their national views. The OAS’s Improving Transparency project aims to add more American voices to the conversation. Early results of the initiative highlight the need for greater legal capacity building among states that have …